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Our Team
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Nursery Manger   Mrs. Angela Sheppard - N.V.Q.4 Children’s Care Learning & Development
Deputy  Mrs. Teresa Pritchard   - Diploma in Preschool Practice (Level 3)
Nursery Practitioner  Mrs Charmaine Newell - studying for level 3 Childcare & Development
   Mrs. Katrina Pentecost - Degree in Childhood Studies
   Mrs Marlene Sariev   - studying for level 3 Childcare & Development
 Temporary Staff  Ms Rachel Jones       - Primary School Teacher
   Ms Elena Visan       - level 3 Childcare & Development

We pride ourselves on our experienced staff who will be on hand to help at any time. All Staff have required DBS/CRB check certificates. Our training is on going and this is why the Nursery takes advantage of staff development days to be able to attend courses run by the K.C.C., P.L.A. and other relevant agencies.


The Committee is made up from parents and friends of the Nursery. They are collectively responsible for the Nursery. They are always grateful for offers of help for fund raising etc. They hold at least 3 meetings per year to discuss Nursery matters and accounts. The planning and day-to-day matters are the responsibility of the Nursery Manager.
The Committee is: -

                        Megan Shirley     Chairperson    (parent)
                        Becky Sellen        Secretary        (parent)
                        Ninon Clark                              (friend)
                        Katie Parkes                             (parent)
                        Sue Pearson                             (parent)
                        Angela Sheppard                      (manager)
                        Emma Whitehead                     (parent)
                        Teresa Pritchard  (Co-opted treasurer) 
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