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Parents Information
Waiting List

The criteria strongly adhered to when allocating places at Woodpeckers are as follows: - 
  1. Parental choice. 
  2. Children already attending Woodpeckers and wanting more sessions per week.
  3. Children with siblings at Woodpeckers. 
  4. Geographical (village children first, then closeness to Woodpeckers, with siblings of former Woodpeckers at the top of each area). 
  5. Position on waiting list by date of registration.
 Our waiting list is an expression if interest in the Nursery only and doesn't guarantee a place.Any child’s names may be placed on the waiting list, a birth certificate is required, and a place will be offered when /if available after the child reaches the age of 2½. Intakes are in September each year and it is very unusual there are places at other times. Once the place is offered you will receive a start date and a date to visit with your child.
Settling In

Parents are the first educators of their young children. The aim of the Nursery is to support their essential work, not to supplant them. Parents are, of course, welcome to stay until they feel their child is sufficiently confident to be left but we do find it is normally best to leave even if it is for a short time so your child will be confident you will return. The Nursery staff will advise you as to when it is appropriate for you to make the break. These early days are very important and will hopefully be as happy as possible for everyone. To help the settling in process we only take children for the minimum of 2 x 3 hour session per week.

Equal Opportunities

Our Nursery operates within an Equal Opportunities Policy. Every child, parent and member of staff will be treated fairly and equally in every aspect of the Nursery. We would aim to offer every child a place regardless of ability, race or religion, so long as we have the staff and resources to integrate the child with out compromising the learning abilities, well-being or safety of the child or of the others attending the Nursery.

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