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                                     October 2017


Dear All
A quick note just to keep you updated for the term.

You may have noticed the ‘Little Dog money box’ on the welcome table ……….
Unfortunately due to the underfunding by the Government for the 30 hours and our ever expanding expenses for the building, although we share these with the After School Club, the Nursery is very low on funds. Rather than make a direct charge we are asking for donations towards snack time, please put your loose change into the dog’s bowl so we are able to carry on providing fresh fruit at snack time.

Just a quick reminder we have a child who has a severe nut allergy attending the Nursery please do not bring any nuts or nut products such as peanut butter in your child’s lunch. Thank you.

 The ‘Bedtime Story Book Lending’ is back! As we all know it is important to have a bed time routine and reading to children helps them to have a love of books and also helps them to learn to read. We thought it would be helpful to have a selection of books for you to borrow. Bedtime Story Bags have a book and a cuddly toy or puppet relating to the story for you to take for a few days and share with your child. It proved very popular last term and we thought we would start again this term.     
All you need to do is to take the record card from the bag, write your child’s name and the date on the card and put it in the file box, take the bag and enjoy! On returning, replace the record card to the bag writing a comment on the card if you wish.

 As the cold wet weather is on its way just a quick reminder that we do try to get outside to play every day so it is really important your child brings a warm coat & outdoor shoes/wellies as well as indoor shoes, also a change of clothes would be good, to every session otherwise they may be unable to take part in the programme fully.  I also thought it is timely to let you know our policy should we experience “extreme weather conditions”.

    The Nursery will be closed 
             If there are on-site hazardous conditions where the safety of  the children would be compromised.
             If there are not enough staff to supervise the children. Bearing in mind some of us travel along way to get here.
             If a reasonable temperature cannot be maintained within the building.
             If there is no water available for toilets and or drinking.

 We will endeavour to contact the local radio stations. It will also be posted on the Woodpeckers web site. (It will also normally follow that if the School is closed Woodpeckers will be closed too).

In the event of us having to close the Nursery early we will contact you by telephone.  Please ensure that we have up to date contact numbers should we need them.

We do hope that we will not have to put this policy into action but thought it best to prepare for such an eventuality.  

We have our A.G.M. coming up on Wed 8th November at 7.30pm at the Nursery. Please do support the Nursery full details to follow soon.

 We have lots of exciting topics planned for fun and games over the next term and look forward to seeing you all soon.

 With best wishes,

 Angie & the Team


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